My mission is to celebrate your dramtic, wild lives...uncensored because it's ok to express yourself and celebrate the refined rebel in you.


My Mission is to work with, style, shoot and capture the Refined Rebels of this world, people who walk to the beat of their own drum and don't care who is looking.
I want to encourage people to embrace themselves, their crazy families and the differences in this world! Life is about celebrating even the little moments and not getting hung up on the stresses of life. We work hard so can we play hard, but let's also relax and maybe laugh & celebrate at the wild moments in our life! Life becomes too serious and many times it's for the wrong reasons. Life is fleeting! You never know what tomorrow may bring or not. Let's LIVE life, love & embrace diversity, dare to make positive change in this world, laugh at ourselves, dance like their is no one watching, express ourselves through style, art and outward self expression.
I want to show the world that as one of a kind individual we are even more of ONE by our diversities.
Do you want to share your parody of life?
Do you want to express your unique style?
Do you want to celebrate life?

Are you a Refined Rebel?
applications being accepted here

I'm a mom who rebels from conformity and lives life for self expression! With strong beliefs in defending the truth and others' differences, I truly believe we as people should not only be accepted for all our differences but Celebrated!
I am a goof, an odd ball for certain; I embrace it! Being called weird is a compliment in my book!
I love meeting unique people and hearing their stories. You can be a friend for life or 5 minutes and you will have impacted me in some way.'




MY MISSION is to celebrate, capture & create for the dramatic & wild...uncensored