Lil Rebels is for the edgier more rebellious family celebrating life their way


Lil MUGS- ROCK'N Headhsots for lil rebels


I TRULY believe we should embrace our differences, the qualities we possess that make us unique! Refined Rebel came about so as adults we would have permission to celebrate our wild side!
As a mother, it's something I teach my daughter as well. I encourage her to accept and celebrate her uniqueness. I encourage her to not conform, or mimic others. I want my daughter to accept herself and others; as we are ALL unique, ALL different, ALL a bit wacky, and we as people ALL should be celebrated for our distinctions and not shunned nor bullied nor judged..
Lil Rebels is for our lil ones. It's a moment for them to celebrate their free-spirited selves and a moment frozen in time to remember it's not just OK to be different- it's fabulous!

lil rebels

I believe acceptance of difference creates strength within ourselves. to teach this and pass onto our children gives them confidence and independence.