I believe to live life out loud, speak for equality, express our true selves and weird is cool






....in raising my daughter to understanding all of our quirks & differences should be reveled.

....I believe in people who embrace difference, uniqueness, who laugh and celebrate LIFE!

....in standing up for what is right. I believe in EQUALITY!

....we are all diamonds in the rough {multi-faceted & beautiful}- we just need to allow ourselves to shine!

...as adults it's ok to let loose show your wild side! Run FREE & LOVE IT!

....don't just a seize a moment but seize YOUR moment!

....we should define our own sexy and embrace it~ better yet reveal it! I don't need lingerie to feel like woman.

....ef-bombs & the "S" word are not bad words! They are Adult words and mommy needs a martini every now and then.

....age or parenthood do not place limits on us. We are still individuals here to Live Out Loud!