ABOUT KrisD Mauga and my country rock chick side! Life is like a Country rock song!


Even though I consider myself more of a rocker style chick, there is something about country rock that really resonates with the reality to satire in life.
Have you ever thought your life is like a country rock song? If so, then you and I are going to get along just fine. Give me a shout and we can shoot the shit over a glass of wine, bottle of IPA or if you are up for it, whiskey or bourbon on the rocks.
Country rock to me is fun spirited songs about love, drinking, freedom, drama & being a rebel with no apologies. Every time I listen to one, I feel like it's parody of my life's good times and bad.
My family loves music and we have it apart of our lives daily. At any family gathering you can see us all on one
of our patios around a fire with music, guitars and cocktails laughing, singing, telling "remember when" or our
"dream BIG" stories.
My sisters and I love to express big dreams and the next thing we can collaborate on. Our life dream, ok
maybe it's mine, would be to share a vineyard with each of our own homes so we can see each other
Our lil brother is a rockstar so he'll just travel and visit us when he can.
Did you ever want a song written about you? It's not a request so readily available instead
I want to write your song through imagery.




I revel in moments to dance merengue, salsa, and do some serious head-banging! I LOVE music, travel and MOST OF ALL my life's experiences with my family! I celebrate life! Let's pop the champagne cork & release those bubbles to celebrate the new freer side of people!" It's about letting go of the humdrum of everyday life and letting our hair down to celebrate our more wild and care-free side.

Let's Cheers before I introduce myself!